Hello, I am Fraser Hay, and I run 73A Photography. This site is about railway, among some normal, photographs mostly in South East England.

Why the name?

73A Photography was chosen based upon the depot code for Stewarts Lane Depot, of which was local and housed some of my favourite mainline stock. If I progress to professional photography, I may consider changing this name.

What camera do you use?

 I currently use a Canon 6D with 24-105mm and 50mm lenses. This is sometimes aided with a Velbon tripod, or a 3m adapted painter's pole. I use a Canon Legria camcorder for my videos. All photographs taken up to, and including, March 2020 were with the Canon 1300D with a 18-135mm lens, alongside the current 50mm lens.

Have you taken inspiration from anyone? 

As my photography evolved, I began to be held in awe by Jason Cross's 15C photography, which has led me to investing in better equipment such as lenses and poles.

What is your favourite condition to photograph in?

Similar to Jason, I prefer full sun photographs. However, this depends on the location that I choose, meaning I may sometimes wish for a cloud to prevent heavy shadows. I will make do with any condition, usually opting for more artistic based photographs in rainfall conditions. 

Do you produce anything else?

Alongside my photography, I create graphics of trains. These are regularly used by West Midlands Trains, and can be converted to prints, posters and badges. 

Are prints available?

Not currently, no. 

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